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No need to look for coins. No need to rush to the payment machine to extend your parking permit. Now you can pay your parking fees just by sending an SMS from your mobile phones.

Dubai Public Prosecution


Short codes for Dubai Public Prosecution's services 
With Dubai Public Prosecution’s (DPP) short code services you can enquire the status of your case, schedules of the court sessions, DPP decision regarding cases and even submit a client request to DPP. This service can be used by applicants, Public Prosecution members and lawyers.
How do I use the service?
Before you start using DPP’s short code service, note the following codes:
Penal = 501
Traffic = 502
Immigration = 503
Appeal = 550
Cassation = 600
DPP Opinion = 020
Request to collect passport = R01
Request an accused to be bailed = R02
Request to collect seized items = R03
Inquiry about a case = C01
Inquiry about name of prosecutor in charge of the case = C02
Inquiry about schedule of court session = C03
Inquiry about status of client’s request using unique ID and year = R
Inquiry about status of suggestion = S
Inquiry about DPP decision on a case = C05

Registering clients’ request
Request to Collect Passport Held by DPP = R01
Request to Bail a Party in a Case = R02
Request to Collect a Seized Item = R03 
Inquiry about status of client’s request using unique ID and year = R
Inquiry about status of suggestion = S
Follow the steps below to use the service.
Step 1:
Identify the information required. Type <DPP> space <E> space <Service Code> space <Case Type Code> space <Case Year> space <Case Serial No>.
Example: DPP C01 501 2008 88
Step 2:
Send the message to 4488.

Step 3:
Receive information on your mobile in real time.
Note: DPP is the acronym of Dubai Public Prosecution. Case year should have four digits (e.g. 1996. Not 96 or 996).
Each SMS will be charged at 60 fils.
How to Subscribe?
You do not need to subscribe or register to use this service.
Documents Required:
No documents are required to subscribe to this service.
For more information call 700040000 or visit Dubai Public Prosecution website.

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