Federal Entities

Federal Entities




Address : Prime Minister’s Office; P.O.Box: 212000;Dubai,U.A.E. General Secretariat;P.O.Box: 899;Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Contact Number : 0097143304433 Fax Number : 0097143304044 Customer Care Number : غير متوفر Post Office : Not Available Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs was established in 2006. It carries its functions through the General Secretariat of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister’s office, providing support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, the Ministerial Council for Services, and all the established committees and ministerial councils. The Ministry studies the issues assigned to it by the Prime Minister or the Cabinet and monitors government performance, efficacy, and related follow up tasks. Through its various departments, the General Secretariat played a key role in fostering institutional work principles, sharing expertise, and building capacities. The “Government Communication Office” was one of these initiatives aimed to build an integrated system of internal and external communication of the federal government, supporting its general strategy and the flow of information. Vision: to provide full support for the cabinet in accordance with best quality benchmarks Mission: to lead the Excellence efforts at the Federal Government

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124444747 Fax Number : +97124490444 Customer Care Number : 8003050 Post Office : 213 Working hours : Sunday – Thursday: 07:30 am 14:30 pm

MOEW was established in February 2006, replacing the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. It aims to strengthen the commitment of the United Arab Emirates to the environment and sustainable development, as a response to many changes that have occurred on the national and global levels. Vision: to assure environmental sustainability for Life Mission: to work towards integrated management for environment ecosystem and natural resources; to realize green economy for the present and future generations.

Address : DUBAI Contact Number : 0097142637777 Fax Number : 0097142633525 Customer Care Number : 800672 Post Office : 4409 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Ministry of Social Affairs protects the rights of members of the society, especially those with special needs, the elderly, neglected children and juvenile delinquents in coordination with the federal and local governments and thorough effective partnerships with the private sector. The Ministry also encourages the civil society to play its role in providing social services. Vision To build a coherent and cohesive society involved in social development Mission to improve the social work; achieve community cohesion through the development of integrated policies and provision of special social services within motivating work environment.

Address : Al Muroor StreetAbu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124466145 Fax Number : 0097124453504 Customer Care Number : 800552255 Post Office : 17 Working hours : Sunday –Thursday:07:30 am 14:30 pm

The Ministry was first established in 1972 under the name of the Ministry of Information and Culture. In 2006, Federal Decree-Law No. 1 of 2006 was issued, upon which the Ministry of Information and Culture was cancelled and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development was developed. Among other things, the ministry is commissioned to represent the state in cultural and artistic conferences and festivals internally and externally; establish cultural seasons to benefit from the outcome of human thought; provide library services to the public; maintain the historical heritage of the country. Vision: Leadership in cultural and society development for the prosperity of the UAE Mission: to elevate cultural and society awareness; enhance the national identity and revive local heritage through effective coordination with partners and excellence in both service and human resources

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126131111 Fax Number : 0097126260000 Customer Care Number : 600-522225 ; 800-1222 Post Office : 901 Working hours : 07:30 am-14:30pm Sunday-Thursday

The Ministry of Economy prepares the general development plan of the state, identifies its stages and annual divisions and all matters associated such as projects, legislations and proposals. The same comes in line with the general strategic plan of the state and the studies it makes, in addition to information presented by the various ministries. Vision Internationally competitive and diversified economy under the leadership of efficient and knowledgeable nationals. Mission: to develop the national economy and create a pro-business environment that contributes to achieve balanced and sustainable development of the country. , through the enactment and modernization of economic legislations , foreign trade policies, development of national industries and exports, promotion of investment, regulation of competition and (SMEs) sector, protection of consumer and intellectual property rights, and diversification of economic activities, under the leadership of efficient nationals, in line with international standards of creativity, excellence and knowledge economies.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124089999 Fax Number : 0097124438866 Customer Care Number : 80051115 Post Office : 295 Working hours : Sunday -Thursday:07:30 am 14:30 pm

The Ministry is responsible for planning, executing and supervising a successful educational system compounding students, schools and parents in a harmonized method that achieves the highest levels of educational performance. It aims to deepen the spirit of responsibility in all levels and develop people’s sense of obligation towards serving their community. Vision: to prepare students for a productive life and ensuring sustainable development for the UAE society. Mission: to promote the UAE K-12 educational system, and build a knowledge-based society while enriching values of citizenship, responsibility,commitment, accountability and innovation.

Address : Al Falah Street, next to the Ministry of Finance, Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126262288 Fax Number : 0097126190001 Customer Care Number : 800-66367 Post Office : 59 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Ministry organizes the water, energy and mineral sectors according to the economic development requirements. It aims to maintain the diversification of energy resources, rationalization of energy and water consumption, availability of geological and geophysical information that serves the economic development. Vision a community, which preserves its resources and enhances such an energy that would achieve long lasting sustainability Mission organizing and developing general policies and legislations under the consultation of the stakeholders involved to fit the energy sector as per the international standards and following up its implementation; representing the country`s interests concerned with energy, water and mineral resources and drafting any related specialized studies.

Address : Al Markaziyah,Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126726000 Fax Number : 0097126768414 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 433 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

To ensure the best use of the resources of the federal government through effective financial management and implementation of the fiscal policies. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the implementation of all fiscal, monetary and industrial policies related to UAE’s economic development, including but not limited to: the preparation and the follow up of issuing the federal budget through programs’ budget and performance measurement system, in cooperation with ministries and federal authorities; preparing the recommendations needed to maintain the budget, as well as proposing procedures to deal with the decrease in revenues collected; coordinating with Central Bank UAE in developing fiscal policies aiming to secure UAE’s economic development; developing a financial control system for ministries and federal authorities; coordinate between the UAE and regional and international institutions in the fiscal, monetary and economic domains. Vision global-leading Ministry in financial management, contributing in achieving a sustainable competitive environment. Mission Managing the financial resources of the federal government efficiently through effective financial policies and premium national and international relations for the protection and safety of the financial system in accordance with the best practices.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097122222000 Fax Number : 0097124931970 Customer Care Number : 80044444 Post Office : 1 Working hours : Sunday –Thursday:07:30 am 14:30 pm

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the window through which the values of the Emirati society are conveyed to the world. It reflects the vision of the UAE leadership which emphasizes the values of brotherhood and peace. Through its embassies, missions and attachés, the Ministry represents the foundations of the UAE Society and promotes the importance of attaining global peace and amicably resolving disputes through dialogue. The Ministry undertakes several responsibilities as set by the constitution of the UAE and federal laws and in line with the country's principles, among them are: • setting and supervising the country's foreign policy and all foreign relations including the participation in organizations, conferences, and exhibitions. • Protecting the interests of the country and its citizens abroad. • Entering pacts and conventions • Gathering, analyzing and evaluating political and economic information • Conducting all ceremonies and formalities for missions that represent the country • Issuance and renewal of diplomatic and special passports for citizens • providing diplomatic, consulate, administrative and financial information to enable the country's representative missions to conduct their tasks.

Address : Hamdan Street, above National Bank of Bahrain Contact Number : 0097126330000 Fax Number : Not Available Customer Care Number : 8001111 Post Office : 848 Working hours : 07:30 - 14:30 Sunday - Thursday

The Ministry of Health adopted a policy to provide comprehensive health care for all citizens and residents. Thus, it maintained its preventive and curative health services through a network at all levels, which includes primary health care, secondary health care and clinical care. The Ministry works in coordination with the ministries of the UAE and cooperation with the health private sector, locally and internationally, in addition to members of the community. Aiming to improve the quality and quantity of primary health care services, the Ministry expanded clinics for the care of diabetic patients, the elderly and established a special unit for dentistry, specifically in the area of preventive care. Vision Sustainability of healthy UAE community through the provision of comprehensive and responsive healthcare System. Mission To Enhance the health of individuals and communities in UAE through the provision of comprehensive and excellent health services, in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Address : Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 047023333 Fax Number : 0097124499234 Customer Care Number : 800665 Post Office : 809 Working hours : 07:30am- 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

To administer the labour market in the country with high efficiency and to cater for improving and developing the labour market within the framework of supporting the development efforts and achieving stability for the nationals. This is done through creating the work environment distinguished by its efficiency and higher quality and social integrity to achieve the balance between the interests of the workers, employers and the society as a whole.

Address : Dubai Head office, Al Qusais,next to Al Bustan Center Contact Number : 0097126260606 Fax Number : 0097126260026 Customer Care Number : 8006679; 600500500 Post Office : 1828 Working hours : Sunday – Thursday:07:30 am 14:30 pm

The Ministry of Public Works was established on 1972 after receiving tasks that were previously conducted by the Bureau of Development. The ministry was commissioned to execute corporate building projects for all ministries, as well as road and ports works. Some of its duties include: building, maintaining and improving federal highways; constructing federal public facilities and buildings; supervise expenditure for constructions from the general budget; prepare the studies and specifications of town planning and housing projects; announce the tenders and select the contractors; execute federal building projects, including kindergartens, schools, dispensaries, mosques, markets, social centers, government departments and other public buildings. Vision: to pioneer leading infrastructure projects for the country. Mission: to achieve sustainable development in planning, establishing and maintaining infrastructure projects and organizing the national-housing sector through outstanding organizational performance according the world's highest standards.

Address : Zayed Sport City, Arab Gulf Street, Near to Shaikh Zayed Mosque,Abu Dhabi Contact Number : +97124414666 Fax Number : +97124022776 Customer Care Number : 8005000 Post Office : 398 Working hours : Sunday –Thursday:07:30 am 14:30 pm

The creation of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) came parallel to the creation of the state, as total unification of the police and security organs remained as an essential target which gained general consensus. The MOI is keen to provide security, safety, and stability for citizens and residents alike and diligently working to achieve this national objective under the umbrella of the federal state. The Ministry has set noble targets, namely to have a safer community, maintain order and security, reduce crime rates and eliminate the fear of crime, and contribute to realization of justice through enforcing the rule of law and maintaining the prestige of the state through effective field practices of police organs. The Ministry has adopted a new approach based on scientific and systematic foundations to develop MOI human and material capabilities for keeping pace with the overall renaissance which is clearly witnessed in all aspects of life in the UAE. Vision: Understanding the needs of the local community; the values that govern society; modernization and innovation; efficiency

Address : Al Khubirah,Sector 93,Street5,Abu Dhabi Contact Number : +97126921000 Fax Number : 0097126810680 Customer Care Number : 800 333 333 Post Office : 260 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Ministry of Justice supervises the development of the judicial system in the UAE and services in courts and prosecutors. It also promotes the development of legislation and legal services in line with the best international practices, as well as strengthen the role of the ministry in the legal and judicial areas ,in both domestic and international levels. Vision leadership in achieving justice Mission Ccommitment to provide a fair judicial system through effective legislation to ensure the rule of law and the protection of rights and freedoms, and to provide distinct legal services

Address : Al Ras Al Akhdar , next to Emirates Palace,Corniche Road -Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126222221 Fax Number : 0097126222228 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 280 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs was established on 2004, by Federal Law No. 4 of 2004. Its duties include without limitation: Studying pertinent issues in all fields and provide advice to HH the President; preparing studies that reflect the country's objectives; creating and implementing social assistance programs; providing advice about draft laws, and agreements; following up on the performance of ministries, authorities and public enterprises; monitoring political developments and preparing statistics supporting the process of strategic decision-making; providing advice about naturalization affairs; organizing the submission of correspondence and reports addressed to HH the President; organizing communications between federal ministries and authorities and HH the President; coordinating with federal and local departments in order to guarantee continuous and effective communication. Vision: to assume a pioneering role in supporting the country’s decision-makers. Mission: to provide support and consultation to the decision-makers; to develop a distinguished level of competence in developing national policies and community services.

Address : On the Arabian Gulf Road, Behind the Ministry of Interior, on the 6th street,Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124041000 Fax Number : 0097124041155 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 130000 Working hours : Sunday –Thursday:07:30am -4:30 pm

The ministry was established by Federal Decree No (10) of 2006 on the UAE cabinet formation which included, for the first time, the establishment of a ministry concerned with the affairs of the FNC. The aim of the Ministry is to enhance the spirit of political participation in the parliament through a united society. The functions of the Ministry: • coordination between the government and the FNC • participation in drafting legislations related to the role of the FNC • Ssupervision of media affairs linked to parliamentary practice



Address : Zayed Sports City - Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 009714032700 Fax Number : 0097126715999 Customer Care Number : 600565554 Post Office : 2166 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

ESMA was established in 2001, as the sole standardization body in the UAE. It is in charge of formulating national standards of UAE,; consumer protection, environment and national market and strengthening the national economy; preparation of standard specifications; a national system of measurement and calibration;, monitor the application of standards adopted to commercial and industrial sectors; granting the Emirates Quality Mark for national products and issuing certificates of conformity of commodities to standards; accredit various types of CABs including testing & calibration labs, medical labs, inspection bodies, product certification bodies and certification bodies for QMS, EMS and FSMS. Mission Advancing the quality of life and sustainable development and supporting economy in UAE, through issuance of technical regulations and standards for products and systems in the fields of safety, health and environmental protection and protection of consumer rights; monitoring the implementation of these regulations and the provision of services to the public and private sectors within and outside the UAE.

Address : Khalifa city 12th Street, near Al Forsan Resort Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Contact Number : 0097124955555 Fax Number : 0097124955550 Customer Care Number : 600530003 Post Office : 47999 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday-Thursday

Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) was established in 2004 as an independent federal authority with ultimate powers required for the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program. Its tasks include: the registration of personal data for the whole population in the country and saving the same at the electronic data bases; registration of the vital statistic data and connecting the same to the personal data; issuing ID cards consisting of the unified number, readable data and the data saved on the electronic chip; upgrading all related data mentioned above; provision of individuals' identity confirmation and identification services before all federal and local government authorities.

Address : Corniche Street-Dar El Salaam Bldg., Next to EIB, 9th + 11th floors,Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124036000 Fax Number : 0097126266767 Customer Care Number : 600525524 Post Office : 2350 - أبوظبي Working hours : 07:30 - 14:30 Sunday - Thursday

The Authority aims to develop human resources in government sector based on the modern concepts and international criteria in the ield of human resources management. It was established in 2008 with powers to manage human resources of ministries and federal authorities; study and propose policies and legislations related to human resources; assist ministries to carry out correct execution of the legislations related to human resources and ensure that ministries are abided by the provisions of this decree law and the bylaws issued in execution thereof . Vision: human resources that enjoy high capabilities in federal government and assume a vital role in achieving the vision of the Government of United Arab Emirates Mission: to enhance capabilities of all employees of the federal government authorities to enable U.A.E. Nationals to assume specialized technical and leading posts and roles to create culture based on distinctive performance and high productivity to develop the departments of human resources and support the same with high technologies

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126516666 Fax Number : 0097126516661 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 112021 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

Vision to ensure long-term safety, security and sustainability in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and ionising radiation in the UAE by establishing world-class regulations and supervising their implementation. Mission to protect the public, workers and the environment by conducting nuclear regulatory programs in safety, security, radiation protection and safeguards, which fulfil key objectives in licensing and inspection in accordance with best international practices, capacity-building to ensure sustainability, overseeing the UAE obligations under the international treaties, conventions and agreements in the nuclear sector, and administrative standards ,which support excellence in regulation.

Address : Emirates Tower (Office tower) - 5th Floor Dubai United Arab Emirates Contact Number : Not Available Fax Number : 0097125592999 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 127000 - Dubai Working hours : 07:30 - 14:30 Sunday - Thursday

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA), is a UAE federal government entity created by Presidential Decree No.6 of the year 2015. The authority’s mission is to strengthen and enhance UAE’s national data and competitiveness capacities. The FCSA is one of the official government sources FOR national statistics and is one of the government representatives on matters related to national competitiveness. The FCSA aims at improving the UAE ranking in the global competitiveness reports by working with stakeholders on defining and implementing reforms and polices across sectors.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126979700 Fax Number : 0097126735201 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 35000 Working hours : 07:30am -14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Federal Customs Authority was established in 2003 with responsibilities to manage the customs affairs and policies in cooperation with customs departments. It prepares standardized legislations to regulate the customs work and supervise their execution by the customs departments and the related governmental authorities, aiming to protect the country from smuggling and fraud. Vision achieving highest international standards leading to a safe society and facilitated trade. Mission to develop and supervise the implementation of customs policies and legislation; an active player, internally & internationally in promoting trade and combating fraud and smuggling.

Address : DUBAI Contact Number : 0097142315555 Fax Number : 0097142809977 Customer Care Number : 800-fewa Post Office : 1672 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) was established in 1999. Its Main objective is to cater the needs of electricity and potable water for the population of the Northern Emirates. FEWA aimed at creating a balance between the cost of production and the distribution price and unifying the existing variable pricing strategies; studying the consumption behaviors and creating awareness to overcome the waste of electricity and water by consumers. Another objective was to provide training to the citizens making them able to work in FEWA. Vision leadership in providing electricity and water services to improve the standards of living and achieve sustainable growth by 2021 to provide electricity and water services at distinct levels and develop infrastructure to meet the growing demands of electricity and water in emirates under FEWA jurisdiction.

Address : Al Muroor Str. opposite to AlJazeera Club Dusit offices building–7th and 13th Floor Contact Number : 800682823 Fax Number : 0097126506047 Customer Care Number : 800682823 Post Office : 900 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

Established on 2006 with the aim to develop maritime, land and rail transport through legislation and to ensure regional integration and competency of these sectors, as well as the provision of smart services according to best international standards. Before 2014, it was called the National Transport Authority. Vision: safe and Pioneering Maritime and Land Transport for Sustainable Development Mission: achieving sustainable development in maritime, land and rail transport through legislation and by ensuring the regional integration of these sectors as well as providing distinctive smart services according to international best practices; achieving the optimal investment of national resources and competencies.

Address : Mourror Street,Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126143666 Fax Number : 0097126211746 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 2272 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments was founded in 2006. It is an independent legal authority, which reports directly to the cabinet relating GAIAE performance activities and implementation of its goals. Vision: a leading entity promoting social awareness and progress according to the tolerant teachings of Islam that recognizes the current realities and understands the future challenges Mission development of religious awareness and care of mosques and Quran centers and regulate the affairs of Hajj and Umrah and endowment investment community service.

Address : Al Khaleej Al Arabi St - Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097146081111 Fax Number : 0097142662820 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 539 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

GAYSW is the supreme governmental authority responsible for the welfare of youth and sport sector in the country according to the stipulations of the Federal Decree-Law No. 7 of 2008. It maintains a leading role in providing a positive environment that enables youth including the gifted and talented to develop physical and mental abilities, utilize free time, improve creative skills, deepen national identity principles, instill loyalty, belonging and voluntary work sense. It works also on competitive, recreational and traditional sport development and how to provide a healthy clean environment (free of doping) to carry it out, and make possible to upgrade results at national and international levels

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124447666 Fax Number : 0097124054535 Customer Care Number : 800 4466 Post Office : 6558 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The General Civil Aviation Authority was created in 1996 to provide designated aviation services with observance to the safety and security and to strengthen the aviation industry within the UAE and its upper space. The Authority has made considerable progress and new initiatives to provide a better service to its civil aviation clients and stakeholders such as modernization of the air traffic control center program, radar equipment and establishing of new facilities to serve the growth of the civil aviation within the UAE. Vision a leading, safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation system. Mission to regulate and oversee aviation safety, security and environment, deliver air navigation services and facilitate air connectivity through international collaboration in order to serve the general public and the civil aviation industry in a responsive and cost effective manner

Address : Saif Ghubash Street, next to Zayed Sports City, behind General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Contact Number : 0097124940000 Fax Number : 0097124498866 Customer Care Number : 80010 Post Office : 47000 Working hours : 07:30am -14:30pm Sunday-Thursday

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) was established in 1999 to apply the pension and retirement benefits for the UAE nationals in accordance with the provisions of federal laws. Since then, it was able to extend the pension law scope to include all of the UAE national working force in the federal ministries and entities and the local governments in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Um Al Quwain. Included in the law as well, UAE nationals in the private sector employers, self-employed, professionals and GCC nationals working in the country. Vision seek to be the sanctuary for retirees and the first national symbol for social insurance and the social solidarity. Mission excelling in managing the affairs of contributors and retirees; optimal investment of financial resources; providing upcoming generations safety, reassurance and guarantee of a decent living.

Address : Aldar HQ, Al Raha beach, Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 024990111 Fax Number : 025572111 Customer Care Number : 800(IAUAE)42828 Post Office : 113332 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Insurance Authority was established in 2007 with the aim to enhance the role of the insurance industry in securing lives, properties, and liabilities against risks; to collect, develop, and invest the national savings for the benefit of the economic development of the country; encourage fair and effective competition; provide the best insurance services in competitive premiums, and emiratize the insurance markets jobs. Other tasks include: protecting the rights of the insured; enhancing performance of the insurance companies; proposing programs to develop the insurance sector; receiving applications to establish, open branches and representative offices for insurance and re-insurance companies, insurance brokers and necessary licenses; identifying the risks which shall be compulsorily insured and determining unified tariffs of certain types of insurances.

Address : Floor 6,IPIC Square Building Street 4,Moroor Road, Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates Contact Number : 0097128156666 Fax Number : 0097128156677 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 63003 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The establishment of the National Qualifications Authority was a key initiative to cope with the dramatic changes UAE is witnessing at all levels, including, the economic, education and training sectors. UAE is always best placed to initiate appropriate strategies that can achieve its vision of socio-economic development and technology-based economy. These changes, further, have necessitated re-addressing the roles played by the education and training bodies and stimulated the development of human capital skill. Vision to have distinct national qualifications that enhance economic and social development. Mission have a high-quality national qualifications system by reinforcing the links between learning outcomes and the labor market; developing RPL policies; licensing vocational education and training programs and institutions and standards for the accreditation of qualifications; facilitating the transfer of individuals between the general, higher and vocational education and training pathways; supporting the concept of lifelong learning through the recognition of learning outcomes of each individual in the society.

Address : Abu Dhabi- Hamdan Street - AL Gaith Tower -13th Floor Contact Number : 0097126277888 Fax Number : +0097126274600 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 33733 Working hours : 07:30am -14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Securities and Commodities Authority was established in the year 2000 with financial and administrative independence and executive powers necessary to discharge its tasks. The authority made adequate efforts to strengthen the legislative structure of the securities market through issuing regulations and instructions that ensure the development of the organizational and supervisory framework of the listed joint-stock companies and other companies in the securities field. It has also launched some controls that would contribute positively to enhance the investors' trust in the Authority. Vision leadership in developing the capital market and contributing to national economy growth. Mission to protect investors and enhance the principles of sound and fair practices and to improve the efficiency of UAE capital markets through the development of the necessary legislation, the enhancement of supervisory regulations and the development of investment and legal awareness.

Address : Al Salam St - Abu Dhabi Al Wuheida Rd, Hor Al Anz East - Dubai Contact Number : Not Available Fax Number : 0097126118209 Customer Care Number : 80012 Post Office : Not Available Working hours : 7:30 am - 14:30

Vision The UAE is a global leading country in ICT Mission We strive to be a leading organization in the ICT sector in United Arab Emirates, committed to maintaining positive competition to protect the interests of the subscribers, and promoting electronic transformation of the federal agencies and their services, by relying on national competencies to apply the best international standards and practices in supervision of the sector´s and to encourage innovation and investment. Corporate Values Pioneering:We nurture innovation and creativity, assume leadership and effectively influence the support and development of the Sector Customer happiness :We strive to improve our customers happiness through our commitment to the continuous improvement and development of the quality of our services Empowerment:We endeavor to empower our employees in decision-making and participation in achieving our goals within inspiring work environment Collaboration:Collaborating & Working constructively with the concerned people to develop and implement work mechanisms (internally and externally). Commitment:We are committed towards our responsibilities to the State in providing the best technology for the Sector Strategic Goals Regulation of the Telecommunications Sector in the UAE and the enforcement of a regulatory framework that stimulates Competition and elevating the level of quality of the provided services Striving to ensure the provision of the required resources in a fair manner to develop the best services in the ICT sector Establishing the bases for the e-government at the federal level Promoting the electronic lifestyle in the UAE Ensuring that all administrative services are in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency Consolidate Innovative Culture within the working environment

Address : Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates Contact Number : 0097124124444 Fax Number : 0097126584411 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 6565 Working hours : Not Available

The General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones was established by federal decree law no. (6) for 2011, to be affiliated to the Supreme National Security Council. This authority enjoys legal entity, financial and administrative independence, full legal capacity and executive control powers necessary for its work in accordance with the provisions of this decree, and regulations and decisions issued for implementing the decree. The authority aims at enhancing the security capabilities of the UAE at ports, borders and free zones, in addition to assembling the efforts of concerned authorities and coordinating them together in order to achieve UAE security according to a national strategy. It is also working to standardize the necessary procedures and security requirements and their implementation mechanisms, particularly those related to checking on entry and exit of people and goods at ports and free zones. It also also seeks to improve the efficiency and readiness of ports and free zones in order to ensure the achievement of these requirements by taking all necessary measures to support the training and educational programs for people working at these ports.

Address : Muror street, behind Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Contact Number : 024177000 Fax Number : 024177088 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 113811 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday-Thursday

The establishment of The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority was announced on 14/05/2007 within the organizational structure of the Higher National Security Council to ensure the safety of the lives of all citizens and residents on the territory of the United Arab Emirates and to preserve the property of the country. It is responsible for regulating and coordinating all efforts of emergency, crisis and disaster as well as the development of a national plan for responding to emergencies. Its work is focused in the development, consolidation and maintenance of laws, policies and procedures of emergency and crisis management at the national level. Vision distinction in managing emergency, crisis and disaster Mission to enhance the UAE’s capabilities in managing emergency, crisis and disaster by setting the requirements of business continuity, enabling quick recovery through joint planning, and coordinating communication both at the national and local level.

Address : Dubai- Main Office Contact Number : 0097143258811 Fax Number : 0097143258887 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 90505 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday- Thursday

The Authority provides quality services in areas related to training, career guidance and employment of national human resources to create a productive workforce capable of contributing to a competition- and skill-based national economy.

Address : Muroor Road (East Road) - Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126419000 Fax Number : 0097126420101 Customer Care Number : 800-733 Post Office : 3324 Working hours : 07:30 am- 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

Emirates Red Crescent is a volunteer humanitarian organization that supports official authorities in times of peace and war. It started its duties in1983 and was internationally recognized as a member in the international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in 1986. The authority aims to spread health awareness and education, rescue people from the effects of disasters, establish projects for those in need such as orphans, widows, elderly, and special needs, attract talents for volunteer work and educate people in international humanitarian law. The authority is known for its speed presence at the event, regardless of risks, maintaining principles of international humanitarian law, recruiting volunteers for the humanitarian work and seeking to build a healthy and safe society and social peace between the community members locally and internationally.



Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126652220 Fax Number : 0097126667494 Customer Care Number : 80022823 Post Office : 854 Working hours : 08:00am - 03:30pm Sunday-Thursday

The main responsibility of the Central Bank is formulation and implementation of banking, credit and monetary policies to ensure the growth of the national economy of the UAE in a balanced manner. It is also working to maintain a fixed exchange rate of the dirham against the U.S. dollar and to ensure the free convertibility of the national currency into foreign currencies, in addition to its role as "Bank of Banks" and the Government's bank and its financial adviser. Through its site, you will find laws and regulations governing the work of banks and other financial institutions and regular follow-up of statistical banking and monetary data through the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. Also, you will find Central Bank's reports and press releases collected in the Media Center.

Address : Al Muroor Street,Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124044444 Fax Number : 0097124044442 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 4567 Working hours : 08:00am -04:00pm Sunday –Thursday

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research was established in 1994, by a resolution of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi as an independent centre for scientific research and studies. The center conducts studies and research on topics relevant to the national security, economic and social well-being of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region. It also facilitates the scholarly exchange of ideas and provides community services through symposia and conferences on topics related to the agenda of the centre. It promotes the professional development of UAE nationals through training programmes and supports the government's decision-making process by preparing reports on best policy scenarios.

Address : Sheikh Zayed Road-Dubai Contact Number : +97143434444 Fax Number : +97143433393 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 9400 Working hours : 07:00am- 03:00pm Sunday - Thursday

Emarat has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of petroleum products in the Northern UAE. The corporation has also diversified into related sectors including aviation fuels, lubricants, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Some of the services offered by Emarat are: Emarat’s Atheer and Safeer payment cards, gas oil, lubricants , commercial fuel, aviation fuel, trading and terminalling and tendering.

Address : Deira Main Post Office Contact Number : 0097142622222 Fax Number : 0097142662929 Customer Care Number : 600 5 99999 Post Office : 99999 Working hours : 07:30am - 21:00pm Sunday - Thursday

Emirates Post Group manages planning of its postal operational division and subsidiaries, which consist of Wall Street Exchange Center and Electronic Documents Centre. The Emirates Post Group seeks to provide postal services and solutions that match the latest trends in global postal services, with a focus on making post offices one-stop shops that offer multiple services through a network over 115 post offices The Group offers quality services under postal and non-postal categories. It provides personalized mailing solutions, local and international express mail, domestic and international courier services, money transfer (Instant Cash service and UPU’s International Financial System). In non-postal services, the Group offers vital community services in partnership with government agencies and private sector companies. The portfolio includes government services, utility bill payment services, financial services, travel services. The Group also offers a unique service of marketing solutions for companies which include advertising through post and promotional stamps.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : +97126322200 Fax Number : +97126322260 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 407 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday-Thursday

Emirates Real Estate Cooperation ( EREC ) has emerged as one of the distinguished and prestigious national organizations operating in the UAE real estate sector. Since its establishment in 2000, it has served to make a valuable contribution to the overall development and growth of the national economy. As a result of its strong institutional capacity, high level of professional’s and strong business partnerships across all levels of economic activity, EREC has made a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall government operations. The Corporation was able to create a partnership between the private and the public sectors in the real estate industry. Today, EREC works with some 400 local and international companies with specific areas of expertise and carefully selected as registered members to EREC. These local firms provide a variety of support to EREC’s work ranging from project management to consultancy, actual construction and auxiliary supplies.

Address : Umm Al Rumool, Dubai Contact Number : 0097142854333 Fax Number : Not Available Customer Care Number : 8006006 Post Office : 5757 Working hours : Not Available

Emirates Transport was established pursuant to Federal Law No. 17 of 1981, with the purpose of regulating, managing, and supervising the operation of transport and maintenance services for various government, federal, and local entities as well as private sector organizations. ET pursues a top-notch strategy in the transport and auto services sector throughout the UAE. This strategy is implemented through 27 business centres and units, and 7 subsidiaries and associate companies, all of which offer 38 various services through 40 locations across the UAE, including 9 main branches; namely in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Western Region, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Central Region, Ras Al Khaimah and the East Coast; where ET provides services to more than 430 main stakeholders through its fleet of over 17,000 vehicles.

Address : Al Khubeirah-Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126812000 Fax Number : 0097126812846 Customer Care Number : ------- Post Office : 836 Working hours : 07:30am-02:30pm Sunday to Thursday

The Federal National Council is the fourth federal authority in terms of order in the hierarchy of the five federal authorities stated in the constitution. It is comprised of 40 members; half of them are elected by the electoral bodies, while the other half is appointed by the council. This mechanism has been implemented in 2006, since the beginning of the first phase of the program of political empowerment of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. The term of membership in the FNC is four Gregorian years. Some of the tasks tackled by FNC are: discussing constitutional amendments, drafts of federal laws, UAE budget and presenting views on international treaties and agreements.

Address : General Women's Union Contact Number : 026161111 Fax Number : 026161111 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 130 Working hours : Sunday to Thursday 07:30 am - 02:30 pm

The General Women's Union was established in 1975 for the purpose of enabling the position of women in the UAE and supporting the efforts and aspirations of the women movements in the country at different forums. The Union is presided by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak who is known as the mother of the nation and who has dedicated herself to her society with all its sectors. The Union aims at adopting policies and setting out plans, programs and initiatives, which impact positively the position of women in UAE and enhance their capabilities, so as to have an active and distinguished role at national and international forums.

Address : ADMISSIONS Registrar PO Box 32092 Abu Dhabi, UAE Contact Number : 0097126814600 Fax Number : 0097126815833 Customer Care Number : 0097126814600 Post Office : 25026 Working hours : Not Available

Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is a community of 20,000 students and 2,000 staff based on 17 campuses throughout the UAE– the largest higher education institution in the country. Founded in 1988 and provides hands-on, workplace relevant teaching and learning methodologies, which are based on practical, experiential learning. It offers many different, work-relevant, English-taught programmes in Applied Communication, Business, Computer & Information Science, Engineering Technology & Science, Health Sciences and Education. All programmes are designed in consultation with business and industry leaders to ensure the students’ skills are job-relevant and to the highest standards. Vision to be the best applied higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates, producing knowledgeable, innovative and skilled Emirati graduates that support the nation in pursuit of excellence. Mission dedicated to the delivery of applied and vocationally focused programmes that achieve national and international standards at the Diploma, Bachelors and Masters levels.

Address : Abu Dhabi - Al Nahyan 37 Alhadbah Street-opposite of Marriage Fund Contact Number : 0097125018888 Fax Number : 0097126344316 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 32313 Working hours : 07:30am -14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

Institute of Training and Judicial Studies (ITJS) was founded in Abu Dhabi in 1992 . It carries out the following: • prepare and qualify graduates of Shariah or Law Schools to hold judicial posts; • organize courses for judiciary members on various law themes, judicial technicalities, or any other aspects; • hold specialized training courses for preparation and qualification of notaries public, judicial aides, and lawyers; • train personnel of government bodies, whose jobs are related to law and judicial fields, based upon request from such bodies. The institute may also hold training courses for non-governmental personnel. • provide for scientific research and its usage within law and judicial fields through encouraging specialized law & judicial studies, working to release and print them.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097126993000 Fax Number : 0097126993001 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 44319 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The Marriage Fund was established by Federal Law No. (47) of the year 1992, thus integrating the social policy laid by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Fund began its operations in December 10, 1992 and the first payment was distributed to beneficiaries in May 1993. Vision Build and support coherent and stable families in the UAE. Mission Providing future spouses with the financial support as well as preparing and qualifying them with the skills and knowledge required for the establishment of a coherent and stable Emirati family. Objectives Increase the awareness of religious, cultural, and social family principles via awareness campaigns across the UAE; encourage marriage between UAE nationals; enhance the principle of community partnership in private sector to finance the Marriage Fund’s plans and programs, and increase weddings; achieve excellence and corporate competency.

Address : Musaffah Street Near Zayed Sports City Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124183333 Fax Number : 0097124445811 Customer Care Number : -------- Post Office : 5884 Working hours : 07:30am -4:30 pm ٍSunday -Thursday

The National Archives- previously known as the National Center for Documentation and Research (NCDR) - was established in 1968. It is one of oldest cultural institutions in the UAE and the largest documentation center in the Arabian Gulf Region. In addition to its role in documentation and archiving, the National Archives provides intellectuals with a variety of publications about cultural and contemporary issues in history and heritage. It collects valuable historical material relating to the UAE, in particular, and the Arabian Gulf States. It also documents, indexes, translates the material collected, and publishes specialized historical research. Moreover, it organizes local, regional and international conferences in addition to exhibitions both locally and abroad. Vision Leadership in providing distinctive Archival, Documentation & Research services. Mission Preserving the documentary heritage to provide decision makers and public with trusted information and to enhance civic spirit and national identity.

Address : Al Muroor Street,AbuDhabi Contact Number : 0097124044333 Fax Number : 0097124450408 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : Not Available Working hours : 07:30 am-02:30 pm Sunday -Thursady

The National Media Council (NMC) is an independent federal government body established by Federal Law No. (1) of the year 2006 to oversee the development of media in UAE and to support media initiatives. Vision to reach international standards in media regulation and achieve sustainable development in the UAE. Mission development and regulation of an integrated and distinguished national media system leading to enhancing the UAE's national and international position through evolving appropriate media policies and regulations and coordinating their implementation in conjunction with relevant parties.

Address : Abu Dhabi, intersection of Al Muroor with street 27 Contact Number : 0097124026611 Fax Number : 0097124026610 Customer Care Number : 600525555 Post Office : Not Available Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday -Thursday

The Police College was founded in 1985 and regarded as a high training institution, which holds the preparation and rehabilitation of police officers. The term of the curriculum and training at the college was developed to become a four-year preceded by a foundation semester, aimed at preparing the student physically and psychologically. In 2005, the name of the certificate was modified to become " Bachelor of Police Sciences and Criminal Justice." The College seeks to prepare students academically and practically, rehabilitate them for all security tasks, and raise the efficiency of the officers working in the Interior Ministry and various security disciplines.

Address : DUBAI Contact Number : 0097146055555 Fax Number : 0097146055550 Customer Care Number : 80092933 Post Office : 62777 Working hours : 07:30am-14:30pm Sunday-Thursday

The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme was established to provide suitable housing for UAE national families and fulfill the aspirations of the UAE government in providing a high standard of living for its citizens. The programme aims to increase the number of approvals for housing and the ability to deal with related requests; increase and diversify financial resources for the programme; invest in qualifications and attract the best qualified personnel; develop mechanisms and upgrade services for the programme; enhance coordination between the programme and other sectors to improve the quality and effectiveness of completed projects. Vision achieve stable housing for UAE national families through exceptional and pioneering community partnerships. Mission provide suitable housing for deserving UAE national families by strengthening cooperation with partners and developing financial and human resources through creative available mediums, provide exceptional service through a qualified working team and integrated electronic systems, and contribute to sustainable development by adopting best practices.

Address : 20th Floor,Tower C2,Aseel Building,Bainuna(34th) Street,Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi Contact Number : +97126359999 Fax Number : +97126359998 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 3320 Working hours : 07:30am- 14:30pm Sunday- Thursday

The State Audit Institution (SAI) was established in 1976 as an independent body, attached to the Federal National Council. It is considered as the Supreme audit authority in the United Arab Emirates. Its mandate includes auditing the federal government entities and fighting fraud and corruption. Vision: to be one of the leading institutions in the field of financial audit of public sector , at the international level. Mission: achieving excellence in performing audit functions and improving corporate governance, performance and accountability; protecting public funds and enhancing the capacity of national cadre.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097122227777 Fax Number : 0097126661575 Customer Care Number : Weather IVR: 700 013 000 Post Office : 4815 Working hours : 07:30am - 14:30pm Sunday - Thursday

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology was established in 2007 aiming to merge the source of meteorological and seismic information , monitor the changes that occur in the atmosphere, provide meteorological services and engineering seismic to all sectors in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the country. Vision: achieve excellence in meteorological and earthquakes services; contribute to the development of science by endorsing sustainable development of the country. Mission aims to unite the source of meteorological and earthquakes in the country; control changes that occur to the atmosphere and the earth's crust and to deliver meteorological services.

Address : Al Muroor Street, Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124434166 Fax Number : 0097124468449 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 408 Working hours : 07:30am - 02:30pm Sunday- Thursday

The National Council for Tourism and Antiquities was established in 2009 to represent the country at global tourism events and create a federal structure to regulate tourism departments at individual emirates, ensuring uniformity and successful implementation of a cohesive strategy to boost tourism throughout the UAE. Since inception, the NCTA has worked to promote tourism and antiquities to the UAE as a whole by raising awareness of the unique cultural attractions, traditions, historical artifacts and various entertainment and leisure options each emirate has. The NCTA is aware of the role aviation and tourism have played in the UAE's economic transformation and it is committed to working with partners to ensure that the UAE continues to benefit from sustainable tourism streams in the future. Vision UAE shall be the best tourist destination regionally and internationally for distinguished and sustainable tourism and ancient national civilizational inheritance. Mission developing both sectors of tourism and antiquities to be an economic driver participates in making UAE a leading competitive destination through the national hands and enhancing common efforts and international representation.

Address : Eastern Rd. Abu Dhabi; near Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training Contact Number : 0097122022222 Fax Number : 0097122022000 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 7133 Working hours : 07:00am -0300pm Sunday -Thursday

The UAE Space Agency is a federal agency established under Federal Law by Decree No.1 of 2014. The space sector includes all projects, activities and programs related to outer space. The UAE Space Agency works in line with the Council of Ministers and has an independent legal identity. It has the capacity to direct all activities that will ensure the achievement of its objectives which cover: the development of the space sector, the formulation of policies and the organization of space, and guiding national space programs that will benefit UAE economy. Vision look to the future of the UAE as a leader in space, and inspire our future generations for the benefit of the nation and humankind. Mission to organize and guide the space sector; to contribute to the national economy and sustainable development; to prepare generations of professionals and develop space research, programs and strategic partnerships in the respective field.

Address : Al Ain Contact Number : 0097137555557 Fax Number : 0097137545277 Customer Care Number : 713 6111 Post Office : 15551 Working hours : 07:00 am 14:30pm Sunday-Thursady

Established in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the first comprehensive National University in the United Arab Emirates. The university is based in Al Ain city and comprises 10 colleges that educate over 12,000 students every year. UAEU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Education, Business and Economics, Law, Food and Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine and Health Sciences and Information Technology. It also offers PhD programmes in various disciplines. Many of the academic programmes offered by the university have received international accreditations. Vision leadership and excellence in higher education and scientific research at the regional and international levels. Mission make a positive contribution to the advancement of United Arab Emirates by preparing graduates for future leadership, providing quality education that meets international standards, developing research solutions in areas strategic to the nation, and collaborating effectively with other organizations to promote knowledge in the society.

Address : Arab gulf street beside the Cooperative Community of Al Mushref (supervisor) – the Former building of the Public Authority of Endowments Contact Number : 0097126544333 Fax Number : 0097124476006 Customer Care Number : يتم توفير البيانات لاحقا Post Office : 36900 Working hours : 08:00- 14:30 Sunday - Thursday

Zakat Fund was established by virtue of the Federal Law No. (4) of 2003 issued by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan on November 15, 2003. The Fund reports directly to the UAE Cabinet to which it submits periodical reports relating to its performance, activities and achievement of its objectives. Vision Leadership and excellence in the service of Zakat. Mission Specialisation and excellence in the service of Zakat through spreading awareness thereof, acceptance of the Zakat amounts and development of its resources, and spending it in the channels specified by Shari'a in order to achieve social development in the UAE.

Address : Abu Dhabi Contact Number : 0097124453300 Fax Number : 0097124434847 Customer Care Number : Not Available Post Office : 4783 Working hours : Not Available

Zayed University (ZU) was established in 1998 by the federal government of the United Arab Emirates. ZU caters more than 3,000 male and female students at its campuses in Abu Dhabi North and Abu Dhabi South and Al Ruwayyah and Knowledge Village in Dubai. It accepts students of all nationalities at its campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The language of instruction is English. ZU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in arts and sciences, communication and media sciences, information technology, business sciences and education. It is fully accredited in the UAE and has received international accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, a leading accrediting association in the United States. Vision To become a leading university in the United Arab Emirates and recognized globally. Mission to prepare qualified graduates who are able to contribute to building the nation through offering specializations and programs of study which match international standards; providing an excellent learning environment to strengthen the role of the university as a leader in the progress of scientific research and community service.

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