Help Page is the official portal of the Government of the United Arab Emirates. In this page you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What eServices does the UAE Government offer me?
The UAE Government offers a variety of eServices to you. The eServices are classified for individuals, businesses and visitors.
How are the eServices going to benefit me?
The eServices have many benefits. Using eServices saves your time, energy and money by not having to commute to the respective Government office. eServices reduce the use of paper and rule out consumption of fuel in transportation; thus contributing to maintaining the ecological balance. Moreover, eServices are as fair as web-based transactions can be and eliminate even a distant possibility of nepotism, contributing to good governance.
How can I avail the eServices?
All eServices have been brought under the UAE Government's eServices portal for your convenience. You can also access services through other developed and easy-to-use channels like mobile phone devices, public payment machines, ATMs, cash depositing machines and kiosks.
Can the eServices be accessed by the differently abled people?
Taking into consideration the legislations regarding making Internet accessible to the differently abled, and to widen the reach of eServices, it is intended to design the government portals to make it user-friendly for those with special needs.
What are mServices?
mServices are the various UAE Government services which you can access from your mobile phones.
How would mServices be useful to me?
mServices are extremely beneficial as you can access the UAE Government service from any place and at any time of the day or night without internet connection. Not only does it save your time but also the cost involved in travelling to the various government offices.
What are the different mServices available?
The UAE Government offers many mServices for your convenience. You can pay your utility bills, clear traffic fines, enquire about the status of various applications and avail many other services through your mobile phones.
How can I access the mServices?
mServices are extremely easy to avail. You just need to type a short text message in the prescribed format using a combination of alphabets and numbers (called short codes), that are unique to every government service and send it to the designated number.
What are the short codes used for accessing the different mServices?
The UAE Government authorities and bodies have developed different short codes to access the various mServices. The short codes are unique to every service. It is very important to enter the short codes in the exact way as prescribed for the transaction to be successful.   
From where can I download the mobile apps?
Download free apps for UAE Government mServices on your smart phones and other similar devices.

What is Open Data?

Open Data is machine readable data that is available in many formats and obtainable without reservations or barrier of any kind; such as login requirement, password, fees or charges of any kind.


This data is open for use, reuse, alteration and redistribution by an individual, a legal person and by the government for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Open data is not bound by conditions with regard to the way the data would be used although credit should be given to the original author/owner for the data.


What data can I find here?

You will find studies, reports, statistics and data relating to the UAE government's services and policies. You will also find data about demographics, environment, trade and economy. 


In what formats are the data available?

The documents are available in easy-to-use downloadable and editable formats. Most documents would be available in more than one format: XML, MS Excel and MS Word.


How can I access these data?

Just search for the data you are looking for using the search box and the filters available and download them in the format you want.


Is there a limit on the number of documents I can download?

There is no limit. However it is advisable that after you download the document, you save it on your computer so you can refer it later and work offline.


How can I use the data?

You would know best about how you would like to use the data. Most common uses could be researching and analysing the effectiveness and consumption of government services and the effectiveness of government policies. Some might also devise products, services and applications based on what the data reveals.


Open Data policy allows you to use, share and adapt the documents as long as you do not make major alterations that change the essence of the document, attribute the origin of the document and keep it open for using, sharing and adapting for all.  


What are the benefits of open data?

Open data can help devise new products, services and applications. This will provide great convenience to the consumer, make the government accountable and stimulate economic growth and innovation.

Taking feedback from the published reports and analyses about the effectiveness and consumption of government services and the effectiveness of government policies, governments can redesign their services and policies to meet the public demand and serve them better. 


How can I contribute to the portal?

You can use the data to create some service or app, or a report on the government services. You could also suggest data that could be uploaded to the portal. You could report broken links to the portal or share your feedback on the portal and open data in general. Your contribution would be highly appreciated.


I want to share my views and suggestions regarding open data. Where can I write?

You can share your views, suggestions and feedback regarding open data on the UAE federal forum or blog.


How can I report a broken link or get in touch with the open data team?

You can write to us at

Are there Wi-Fi hotspots in the UAE?
There are many Wi-Fi hotspots in the UAE. Telecommunication services providers Etisalat and du have introduced Wi-Fi hotspots at frequently visited places like malls, restaurants etc. You can even find Wi-Fi on the Dubai Metro. 
Where can I find Wi-Fi hotspots?
You can find Wi-Fi hotspots at popular malls, cafes, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, parks, government offices, airports and even on the Dubai Metro. Wi-Fi is offered at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Fujairah airports. Additionally, Wi-Fi is also offered at some government offices in Dubai.
How can I contact Government offices and call centres?
Refer the list of important phone numbers that include toll free numbers of government entities and bodies. You can also refer the list of contact numbers for lodging complaints and sharing suggestions and feedback.    
How can I contact Government officials or their representatives?
There is a list of high-ranking officials with their contact numbers and links to official websites. The page also lists links to the officials' Facebook and Twitter page.
What other mediums do you use to engage the public?
There are forums, live chats, blogs, polls and surveys for you to participate in and share your views and experiences about the UAE Government services.
Are live chats available throughout the day?
For now, the live chat service is only available during working hours (7:30-2:30 UAE Time). Through the live chat, we aim to reply to your queries immediately.
Are you on Facebook and Twitter as well?
You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.
What are your policies regarding content moderation on forums, blogs and chats?
We encourage fair criticism of the eGovernment and eServices as it will help us improve our services. However, we will moderate content on forums and blogs to prohibit profanity, ad-hominem attacks and anything that may pose a security or privacy risk and is derogatory of the UAE culture and laws. Your chats are not moderated. Chats appear live in real time.
Do you send out newsletters as well?
Yes, we do. We send out newsletters every time we have some updates to share. Sign up today to receive our newsletters. 
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