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06/03/2018 General | The UAE mGov

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Recently, we got to know about ‘hackathon’. It is one of the many terms coined as a result of modern technology. ‘Hackathon’ comes from two words ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’, where ‘hack’ is used in the sense of exploratory programming. Hence, one of the meanings of hackathon could be innovation competition. The general goal of a hackathon is innovation, but innovation itself is not the end. The purpose of innovation in the UAE is happiness of people, which is a top priority of the leadership.


To achieve this goal, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) organised the UAE Hackathon under the theme ‘Data for Happiness’. This aligns with TRA’s role and responsibility for digital transformation in the UAE federal government while shedding light on the high value of open data. The UAE Hackathon aimed to produce innovative solutions out of data for daily life challenges. TRA also aimed to enhance innovation in the month of February, which was declared by the wise leadership to be the month of innovation.


The UAE Hackathon achieved noticeable success. It gathered more than 780 participants, who participated in 176 teams. In addition, there were 213 volunteers, 58 mentors and 46 trainers. Participating teams produced more than 60 feasible creative ideas in different fields, to improve the standard of living and bring happiness to people.


As the UAE Hackathon achieved great success this year, TRA decided to organise the event every year. The hackathon themes would be defined according to the trend prevailing during the year in which it is organised. However, the goals of the hackathon will remain the same. These goals include future shaping, handling big data and developing solutions to contribute to the society’s happiness.


Events, such as the UAE Hackathon, aim to enhance cooperation between the country and the society to produce creative ideas and solutions. The UAE Hackathon proved that the minds of the UAE citizens are mines rich in creative ideas contributing to the future revolution. With governmental support, it is possible to implement such ideas and solutions and make people happy. Many societies all over the world do not have such advantage.

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كيف اشارك؟