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Sustainable consumption and production

About the subject

The UN’s 12th Sustainable Development Goal is sustainable consumption and production. Sustainable consumption means rational use of natural resources, so that they can be preserved for the future generations. Fresh water, fish, minerals, oil, gas and food are all natural resources.

Sustainable production means reduced production of harmful materials. These materials include hazardous wastes, pollutants, pesticides and ozone depleting substances. The more harmful materials are produced, the more the environment will be affected. Hence, natural resources will be negatively affected.

To achieve the goal of sustainable consumption and production, the UAE set a national framework in the Vision 2021 which is integrated into national and sectorial plans. The most important step is separating economic growth from natural resource use, which is fundamental to sustainable development. Most of the UAE’s economy depends on natural resources, particularly oil. For this reason, the UAE decided to take great steps towards a knowledge-based economy. By virtue of Vision 2021, the UAE is striving to diversify its income resources by moving away from oil.

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We invite you to read more about sustainable consumption and production set in the UN 2030 Agenda and provide us with your feedback regarding efforts of the UAE in this field. Share with us your impression and suggestions about more steps and procedures to be taken in this regard. Also, provide your thoughts and ideas regarding resources that need to be consumed rationally and materials that need to be produced less. How can individuals contribute to keep sustainable consumption and production?

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We promise to monitor and systematically analyse your feedback and comments, study them and take necessary steps. We appreciate your response, assuring that customers are real partners in achieving sustainable development.