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About the subject

Being keen to promote the concept of digital knowledge economy, the UAE launched its official open data portal -, which provides enhanced open data resources for public use. The portal reflects the UAE government’s intention to enhance sustainable communities based on participation and transparency.

The homepage of the portal shows a list of sectors under which datasets are uploaded on the portal. Datasets include economy, education, society, technology, transportation, environment, government, health and infrastructure.


The data uploaded on the portal has been contributed by government entities responsible for various sectors. Since the launch of the portal, many datasets were uploaded. The UAE open data portal is expected to contain huge amounts of data that will serve individuals, businesses, other government entities and even international organisations.

Share your thoughts

We invite you to visit the UAE open data portal and provide us with your feedback regarding the sectors covered and the sectors that should be included. Share with us your impression and suggestions about the look and feel of the portal. Also, provide your thoughts and ideas on the presentation of open data and how the user can access them easily.


What you can expect

We promise to monitor and systematically analyse your feedback and comments and take the necessary steps. We appreciate your response, assuring you that customers are the real partners in the development of the UAE Official Data Portal.