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Consultation on launch of "UAE Hackathon"

About the subject

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced the launch of the UAE Hackathon, the country’s biggest data analysis challenge, which will be held in all emirates next February, in conjunction with the innovation month.  The wise leadership of the UAE places community happiness at the forefront of its objectives, which are embodied in the government’s strategies and plans. This is why we have selected the ‘Data for Happiness’ as the motto of the hackathon.


The idea of the UAE Hackathon

The Hackathon concept is to establish small teams of 5-6 persons, representing all categories and segments of society, such as employees, university students, high school students, entrepreneurs, IT professionals and others, to develop solutions and ideas in the identified areas of the Hackathon, using big data provided by many government entities in the country. The UAE Hackathon poses several challenges, including transportation, traffic congestion, health, education, sustainable development, and gender balance, which are among the governmental work priorities in the UAE to achieve customer happiness.


UAE Hackathon organization

The UAE Hackathon is a series of hackathons to be organized across the whole UAE. Every emirate will host one hackathon, except Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, where one hackathon will be organized. The first day of each hackathon will be for training. Hacking and providing innovative solutions will be in the second and third days.

The six hackathons will be hosted by Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, Zayed University in Dubai, Sharjah University, Ajman University in Ajman, American University in RAK, Ajman University in Fujairah. For more information about dates of hackathons and registration, kindly visit the official website of the UAE Hackathon.

Share your thoughts

You are invited to visit the UAE Hackathon page for more details about participation, dates, and prizes. Kindly share your opinions on the hackathon challenge themes and issues, which require urgent solutions.

What you expect

We promise to monitor and systematically analyse your feedback and comments and take the necessary steps. We appreciate your response, assuring that youth are real partners in shaping the UAE future.