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Feedback about UAE Hackathon was launched in Abu Dhabi.

About the subject

On February 04, 2018, the first version of the UAE Hackathon was launched from Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. Participants attended from all over the emirates of Abu Dhabi. Despite hackathon events are rather new, it was clear that the youth of this age are aware of today’s trends. We noticed that participants were enthusiastic and encouraged to make real contribution to achieve progress and happiness of this country.


Share your thoughts

Now we finished the UAE Hackathon in Abu Dhabi successfully, but of course, you might notice some weak points that need to be addressed. You may have some points, which were not clear, and now you want to explain them to participants in other emirates. Do not hesitate to share your experiment in the UAE hackathon of Abu Dhabi and advise expected participants to be ready for the event.

What you expect

We promise to monitor and systematically analyse your feedback and comments and take the necessary steps to tackle them other emirates. Kindly complete the survey linked below to provide feedback on your participation. We appreciate your response, assuring that you are real partners in shaping the UAE future.