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Enriching the content of the Official Portal of the UAE Government


Nearly a year has passed since the launch of the updated version of the official portal of the UAE Government. The new version of the portal contains rich content, as well as, a full list of government services. We would like to engage the portal’s visitors and customers in enriching the content and provide information which they think is interest to the public, but does not exist on the portal.

Share your thoughts and suggestions

Accordingly, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, being responsible for the portal of the UAE Government (, invites you to contribute in its efforts to achieve this goal. You can participate under the following themes:

  •         Suggesting information missing from the content
  •         Rectifying wrong information
  •         Suggesting removal of repeated information
  •        Suggesting additional sections, topics or titles to be added in the portal
  •        Suggesting reclassification of information.

When suggesting new information, please explain why you think that piece of information is of interest. Also, mention the source of information (link or otherwise). Please mention the link of the page you suggest to be updated/revised, to ease the work of the portal team. You can explain your views in the survey linked below.

What you could expect...

We promise to evaluate the information you provide carefully and apply them on the portal directly. We are keen to be transparent in assessing your contributions and assign valuable rewards to distinguished contributors. We really appreciate your much anticipated engagement, assuring that the UAE Government portal’s visitors are real partners in enriching its information and services for the happiness of the community. 

Campaign terms and conditions


Read the outcome of this consultation about enriching the content on the federal portal (PDF 870 KB).