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Emirati School Summer Program


Within the framework of the Ministry of Education's keenness to achieve the optimal investment of vacation days and continuing to support life and scientific skills of the students, the Ministry organized the Emirati school summer program, which is an enriching space full of enthusiasm and positive interaction that enables our students to gain many skills

The Ministry has allocated 18 centers in the different Emirates of UAE for students to benefit from the various programs and summer activities that achieve the concept of optimal investment in the holidays. Where the centers provide entertainment and educational courses for students, which are aimed at making them gain several vital skills that are designed to help them during their scholastic journey

The program includes a variety of sports activities, which are designed to develop the physical skills of our students at the hands of the most experienced experts and athletes. The program provides specialized training courses for students on Jiu-Jitsu sport. It also has voluntary initiatives that are dedicated to instilling the sense of benevolence within our students and promoting it as a sustainable behavior


:Share your thoughts and suggestions

The Ministry seeks to involve the public in the process of developing its summer programs. Therefore, we invite you to participate with us with your own proposals in order to upgrade the Emirati school summer program 

:What you could expect

The Ministry of Education will work on identifying the most important proposals and studying them, as well as adding the public's expectations regarding upgrading the Emirati school summer program