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Office for the Management of the Proceedings

Subject advice

The Ministry of Justice is pleased to publish Law No. 10 of 2014 regarding the establishment of the case management office for the Non-Criminal Matters, for the purpose of  launching a dialogue among the interested public on the provisions of the Act.

The Ministry of Justice aims, through the law, to speed up the procedures and achieve a successful justice through the rapid ruling of disputes by enabling the judge to proceed to his fundamental role, namely the hearing of the case.

  The phase of case management is the preliminary one in the proceedings of the case, which is conducted by the Office for the purpose of processing the case and completing its initial elements to save the wasted court time as the result of pending cases to complete the requirements

Objective advice


This share aims at identifying the views and suggestions of the public about the case management office, and the purpose of its establishment is toachieve a successful justice through the rapid ruling of disputes

Expected decisions

The Ministry will monitor, and study the proposals and opinions and then take the appropriate action