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Promotion of the Nursing Localization Index


Nursing and midwifery are one of the major and strategic professions in healthcare systems and play a vital role in supporting the comprehensive health coverage. In this context, the Ministry of Health and Prevention seeks to achieve the objectives of the National Agenda 2021, in partnership with all concerned sectors to enhance the attractiveness of the nursing profession, through attracting and retaining qualified and specialized competencies from nursing and midwifery cadres as well as launching many initiatives and events, with the aim of improving health care in general and the nursing and midwifery profession in particular


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to engage the public through their views and proposals that contribute to raising awareness about the importance of nursing and midwifery roles, in addition to monitoring the extent of public's interest and desire to join the nursing profession


After studying all the public’s opinions and suggestions, the Ministry of Health and Prevention will identify the interest rates of the UAE community in the nursing profession. Then presented to the competent authorities to take the necessary decisions to increase the rates of Emiratisation in the nursing profession, and to attract competencies, in accordance with the nursing new strategic plan 2018-2021